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San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States, and it thrives on tourism. Snuggled up to the Pacific Ocean with its natural deep-water harbor, mild climate, and picturesque hills and canyons, it's easy to see why tourists visit this city in droves.

In addition to tourism, military and defense is a top industry here, and Naval Base San Diego is the largest employer. San Diego is home to University of California, San Diego, and UCSD Medical Center serves as a leader in biotechnology research. Kaiser Permanente and Qualcomm are also a strong presence in the city.

The San Diego Zoo, The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and SeaWorld San Diego are world-famous tourist attractions. Balboa Park, over 1,200 acres, is the largest urban park in the country. It's also considered the "Smithsonian of the West" with its huge assortment of cultural attractions including art galleries, more than a dozen museums, and the award winning Old Globe Theatre.

A newly remodeled waterfront promenade at America's Cup Harbor offers restaurants and marinas. Point Loma's sportfishing fleets feature charters for deep sea fishing in nearby waters or off the coast of Mexico.

It takes more than a few days to explore all that beautiful San Diego has to offer!

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263 Listings
$259,900 to $6,495,000

16 Listings
$530,000 to $2,775,000

3 Listings
$479,900 to $1,115,000

23 Listings
$325,000 to $1,235,000

36 Listings
$244,900 to $880,000

3 Listings
$450,000 to $925,000

Featured Communities

15 Listings
$549,900 to $2,200,000

15 Listings
$599,000 to $1,300,000

11 Listings
$1,049,000 to $4,989,000

9 Listings
$389,900 to $1,599,000

7 Listings
$434,900 to $999,000

7 Listings
$675,000 to $1,074,000

Browse SAN DIEGO Condos For Sale by Community

CommunityActive ListingsPrice Range

1 MISSION1 Listing Priced at $919,000
235 MARKET STREETNo Active Listings
3029 BROADWAY1 Listing Priced at $274,900
350 WEST ASH1 Listing Priced at $469,000
3815 3RD AVENUE1 Listing Priced at $349,000
41 WEST11 Listings Priced from: $1,049,000 to $4,989,000
5 ON KANSAS1 Listing Priced at $789,900
7 ON KETTNER1 Listing Priced at $749,900
ACQUA VISTA9 Listings Priced from: $389,900 to $1,599,000
ADELAIDE VILLAS2 Listings Priced from: $289,500 to $300,000
ADOBE FALLS4 Listings Priced from: $299,900 to $474,900
AGATE MANOR1 Listing Priced at $1,099,000
AIROSO1 Listing Priced at $780,000
ALICANTE4 Listings Priced from: $433,000 to $859,000
ALLURE1 Listing Priced at $265,000
ALOFT ON CORTEZ HILL1 Listing Priced at $379,000
ALTA7 Listings Priced from: $434,900 to $999,000
AMANTE RAVENNA1 Listing Priced at $575,000
ANGOVE LOFTS1 Listing Priced at $430,000
APERTURE2 Listings Priced from: $499,900 to $769,999
ARIA1 Listing Priced at $1,115,000
AT LA PLAYA1 Listing Priced at $1,375,000
ATLAS2 Listings Priced from: $430,000 to $710,000
ATRIA ON MARKET2 Listings Priced from: $375,000 to $398,800
AVANTE1 Listing Priced at $723,900
AVANTI2 Listings Priced from: $689,900 to $749,900
BALBOA RIDGENo Active Listings
BALBOA TOWERS1 Listing Priced at $429,000
BAY CONTEMPO1 Listing Priced at $1,550,000
BAY CREST2 Listings Priced from: $319,950 to $525,000
BAY TERRACE PINES1 Listing Priced at $325,000
BAYSIDE6 Listings Priced from: $749,900 to $4,475,000
BAYSIDE COVE1 Listing Priced at $1,267,900
BEACON POINT1 Listing Priced at $385,000
BELAIRE1 Listing Priced at $569,000
BELLA VIA2 Listings Priced from: $589,000 to $649,000
BELLA VISTA1 Listing Priced at $185,000
BELLAMAR1 Listing Priced at $1,299,000
BERNARDO VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $389,000
BLOSSOM WALK1 Listing Priced at $228,000
BLUE OCEANS1 Listing Priced at $299,900
BREEZA1 Listing Priced at $900,000
BRIDGEPORT1 Listing Priced at $483,000
BRIDGEVIEW1 Listing Priced at $469,000
BRITTANY TOWER2 Listings Priced from: $895,000 to $900,000
BURGUNDY HOUSE1 Listing Priced at $495,000
CALIFORNIA VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $495,000
CAMELOT CROWN POINT1 Listing Priced at $775,000
CAMINO BERNARDO1 Listing Priced at $469,000
CAMINO VILLAS2 Listings Priced from: $415,000 to $489,000
CAMPANAS1 Listing Priced at $489,000
CAMPUS WALK1 Listing Priced at $365,000
CAPRI3 Listings Priced from: $653,500 to $695,000
CAPRI BY THE SEANo Active Listings
CAREFREE SAN CARLOS1 Listing Priced at $323,000
CARMEL POINTE1 Listing Priced at $469,000
CARMEL TRAILS1 Listing Priced at $399,000
CASA DE ALVARADO3 Listings Priced from: $299,000 to $350,000
CASA DEL CERRO1 Listing Priced at $340,000
CASA SECA1 Listing Priced at $449,000
CASA SIERRA5 Listings Priced from: $249,500 to $264,900
CASIOLA1 Listing Priced at $575,000
CASSERO1 Listing Priced at $999,000
CASTAWAY1 Listing Priced at $725,000
CHATEAU VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $838,000
CHEROKEE COURT1 Listing Priced at $410,000
CITY SCENE1 Listing Priced at $475,000
CITY WALK5 Listings Priced from: $584,900 to $898,000
CITYFRONT TERRACE15 Listings Priced from: $599,000 to $1,300,000
CITYSCAPE1 Listing Priced at $365,000
COLE MANOR NORTH2 Listings Priced from: $270,000 to $379,000
COLINA POINT1 Listing Priced at $238,000
COLLAGE1 Listing Priced at $615,000
COLLEGE GROVE VILLAGE1 Listing Priced at $280,000
COLLWOOD GLEN1 Listing Priced at $540,000
COLLWOOD POINT1 Listing Priced at $265,000
COLUMBIA PLACE2 Listings Priced from: $429,900 to $440,000
CORAL TREE2 Listings Priced from: $950,000 to $1,025,000
CORONADO TERRACE1 Listing Priced at $385,000
CORTEZ BLU1 Listing Priced at $2,000,000
COSTA VIVA1 Listing Priced at $396,000
COVENTRY WOODS2 Listings Priced from: $499,999 to $549,900
CROWN POINT VILLAS1 Listing Priced at $550,000
CYPRESS GREENS1 Listing Priced at $629,000
DARNALL1 Listing Priced at $301,000
DECA1 Listing Priced at $1,249,000
DEL MAR HIGHLANDS3 Listings Priced from: $473,000 to $875,000
DEL PRADO1 Listing Priced at $1,275,000
DEL REY1 Listing Priced at $419,000
DIAMOND TERRACE3 Listings Priced from: $329,000 to $579,000
DISCOVERY AT CORTEZ5 Listings Priced from: $509,000 to $700,000
DISTRICT 14 TOWNHOMES2 Listings Priced from: $464,900 to $479,900
DOMA1 Listing Priced at $729,000
EAST BLUFF1 Listing Priced at $875,000
EASTVIEW1 Listing Priced at $759,900
EDGEWATER2 Listings Priced from: $435,000 to $459,000
EL CORTEZ4 Listings Priced from: $334,900 to $430,000
ELECTRA7 Listings Priced from: $675,000 to $1,074,000
ELEMENT1 Listing Priced at $379,000
ELEVATE AT CIVITA2 Listings Priced from: $777,490 to $799,990
ELYSIAN1 Listing Priced at $609,000
EPIC ON 5TH5 Listings Priced from: $811,000 to $1,699,000
ESCALA3 Listings Priced from: $579,000 to $775,000
EVERGREEN2 Listings Priced from: $374,900 to $389,000
FAHRENHEIT1 Listing Priced at $849,000
FEATHER RIDGE1 Listing Priced at $690,000
FELSPAR BY THE SEA1 Listing Priced at $1,150,000
FINALE1 Listing Priced at $450,000
FLORIDA PARK1 Listing Priced at $455,000
FRAME AND FOCUSNo Active Listings
FRANCISCAN1 Listing Priced at $309,000
FRIARS POINTE1 Listing Priced at $249,900
GASLAMP CITY SQUARE2 Listings Priced from: $399,000 to $419,900
GENESEE HIGHLANDS1 Listing Priced at $459,000
GIANNI1 Listing Priced at $545,000
GRANDE AT SANTA FE15 Listings Priced from: $549,900 to $2,200,000
GREENSTONE ROWHOMES1 Listing Priced at $1,185,000

Latest Listings For Sale in SAN DIEGO

MLS #: Address Zip BedsBaths List Price Community

200015565 1150 J STREET 324 92101 01 $325,000 METROME
200015555 530 K 1117 92101 11 $500,000 TRELLIS
200015550 2840 39TH ST 12 92105 21 $225,000 LEX 39
200015548 5067 CORAL SAND TER 92117 34 $689,000 SUNSET COVE
200015543 2445 BRANT 304 92101 11 $375,000 VILLA PORTOFINO
200015542 10831 MACOUBA PLACE 92124 21 $405,000 VILLA MARTINIQUE
200015540 2965 MISSION BLVD. 3D 92109 22 $749,000
200015536 7170 CALABRIA CT E 92122 23 $689,900 AVANTI
200015534 2976 ESCALA CIR 92108 33 $579,000 ESCALA
200015500 7223 CAMINO DEGARZIA 76 92111 32 $475,000 CITY SCENE
200015494 11540 MIRO 92131 33 $675,000 MIRO
200015493 4942 HAIGHT 92123 33 $590,000 TRIBECA AT SPECTRUM
200015490 4600 LAMONT STREET 201 92109 11 $350,000 PLAZA
200015488 7902 PLAYMOR TER 92122 33 $684,900 PLAYMOR TERRACE
200015484 1080 PARK BLVD 1602 92101 22 $499,000 SMART CORNER
200015465 4600 LAMONT ST 305 92109 11 $399,000 PLAZA
200015455 5452 ADOBE FALLS RD 8 92120 22 $299,900 ADOBE FALLS
200015441 3762 FALLON CIRCLE 92130 23 $875,000 EAST BLUFF
200015427 4375 FLORIDA ST 8 92104 22 $455,000 FLORIDA PARK
200015423 550 15TH ST 601 92101 11 $379,000 ELEMENT
200015422 12035 ALTA CARMEL CT 209 92128 22 $410,000 IL PALIO
200015421 3262 ASHFORD STREET B 92111 22 $359,900
200015418 4062 VALETA 338 92110 22 $459,000 POINT LOMA TENNIS CLUB
200015415 5645 FRIARS RD 384 92110 32 $489,000 PRESIDIO PLACE
200015403 475 REDWOOD STREET 305 92103 33 $859,000 ALICANTE

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Max Price:

Communities for this City

City Market Snapshot as of Apr 02, 2020

For Sale
90 Days

Total Condos, Lofts & Townhomes For Sale 740 1157
Median Price $579,000 $465,000
Median Price per SQ FT $537 $448

Monthly Absorption Rate 1.92  

Condo Mania City Stats Market Report

The resale activity for condos in San Diego for the first quarter increased 11.5% with 1188 sold compared to 1065 in the first quarter of 2019.

The Median Sale Price for condos sold in San Diego for the first quarter increased 5.7% with a median price of $465,000 as compared to $440,000 in the first quarter of 2019.

Can't wait for the quarterly data to come out? Then, here are the up to date stats! Over the last 30 days, there have been 100 Condos that have sold with a median price of $463,950 and a median price per square foot of $449.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing based on color, race, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, or disability.

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